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What is wealth management?

Wealth management is a broad term that includes several specific services, such as financial planning, estate planning, and more. The goal of this is to provide clients with resources and strategies to help their wealth grow over time. For more information from the wealth management advisor Maine depends on or to get started with our services, call us today.

What is a fiduciary duty?

As a registered investment advisor, Northern Alliance Financial has a fiduciary obligation to act for the sole benefit and interest of our clients at all times. This is the highest act of loyalty, trust, and care as established by law. If you’re ready to work with a certified wealth management advisor Maine clients know to be reliable, call us today.

Why would someone need wealth management?

Clients may engage in a wealth management relationship for many different reasons. Some choose to do so because they need help planning for certain goals or guidance around estate planning, protecting wealth, retirement planning, or ways to manage their tax obligations. Certified advisors can help you meet your financial goals.

Have you been asking yourself, “Is there a financial advisor near me Maine residents recommend?” The answer is yes. Call Northern Alliance Financial today.

Is your firm independent or a broker-dealer?

We’re a firm that’s 100% independent, meaning we don’t have allegiances to a particular fund, family, or product. Independence and compensation methods help an advisor be objective when making recommendations.

Independence also matters when a client is in need of other services, such as life insurance or banking. When you’re ready to work with a top wealth management advisor Maine residents trust, contact our team today.

What’s the difference between wealth management and financial planning?

Financial planning refers to guidance in which a certified professional helps you identify your financial goals and works with you to design a clear path to achieve them. Wealth management is a broader term that usually encompasses financial planning and other services. According to CNBC, only about 17% of Americans work with a financial advisor.

Do you want to get ahead financially? Have you been asking yourself, “Are there reliable financial advisors near me Maine residents can count on?” Look no further than Northern Alliance Financial.

How can I protect my assets? What will happen to my estate?

There are a number of things one can do in an effort to protect wealth, such as retirement planning, estate planning (developing a plan for the orderly transfer of wealth to your heirs), being more tax efficient, or exploring the addition of fixed income investments to a portfolio. For guidance through every step of the process, you need the retirement financial planning clients rely on. Call us today.

What is tax-efficient planning?

Tax-efficient planning refers to the practice of taking the impact of taxes into consideration when making investment decisions. Examples of tax-efficient investing practices could include reviewing a portfolio for tax-loss harvesting opportunities or considering the tax status of an account before withdrawing money from it.

When it comes to decisions regarding retirement financial planning Maine citizens should consider, staying tax efficient is important.

What strategies can be used to reduce the taxes I have to pay in retirement?

Depending on your personal situation, there are several ways to potentially reduce or defer the taxes you pay on your investments. These can include finding ways to reduce or defer income, capital gains, and estate taxes. Strategies such as Roth IRA conversion, asset location, tax-loss harvesting, or revisiting your gifting and estate plans may help you grow your wealth and preserve your legacy. Our team at Northern Alliance Financial can guide you through this process with retirement financial planning Maine professionals trust.

We’ll Plan for the Whole Journey, Together.

The Northern Alliance Financial Way is an end-to-end map of your financial future and how to navigate what’s ahead. It’s our team’s process that makes the magic along the way, accommodating your style with the right level of detail and communication you deserve.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Start with your goals & values
  • Establish what you need from an advisor
  • Map out your current financial picture

Step 2: Strategy

  • Evaluate what is needed to reach your goals
  • Review of red flags and opportunities
  • A strategic plan to get you where you want to go

Step 3: Implementation

  • Organize accounts to goals-based investments
  • Complete additional planning areas
  • Establish our plan for communication and connection

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